The Canary Islands are one of the most luxurious vacation spots and a dream destination for people all over the world. The archipelago of eight main islands abounds in spectacular beaches, pleasant climate, and outstanding activities suitable for both families and adventure aficionados.

Situated approximately 100 kilometers from the south coast of Morocco, these islands are part of Spain. There are eight main islands, including Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro, and La Graciosa. Each of the islands has its distinguishingly unique features and offers different activities to its visitors.

However, most travelers find it difficult to decide which island is the best to visit. Therefore, we’ve decided to create a list of the best Canary Islands that you can pick for your summertime getaway.

Tenerife: A Paradise of Sandy Beaches

Tenerife is probably the one option that fits all when it comes to vacation spots. This outstanding destination caters to all as a tropical wonderland. Moreover, it’s magnificent with over 40 miles of beaches that attract many tourists from all over the world, especially the UK and Germany. This island boasts some of the finest resorts, golf courses, exquisite restaurants, and nightlife that could wow anyone. Another selling point is the great Mount Teide, the third tallest volcano, which is a sight for all to see.

Tenerife is suitable for everyone looking for a typical beach holiday and accommodation that meets all needs. Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos seem to be the most popular resorts on the island. 

What you can expect to find on this island:

  1. Exceptional accommodation options and facilities, and great tourist infrastructure and transfers.
  2. Enjoy fishing, whale spotting, and many outstanding water sports
  3. Awe-inspiring beaches.
  4. Many attractions to visit for all the family such as Siam Park, Loro Parque, Aqualand and Playa de Las Americas.


Gran Canaria: The Isle of the Dogs

Gran Canaria is the third largest island in the group. This island is packed with natural beauties ranging from green forests to deserts of splendid dunes. Likewise, it is home to wonderful mountains. 

You can see that this island has so many diverse landscapes so it appeals to both those who love adventure and those who enjoy the nightlife. It is a very popular destination for bachelors. The island has a plethora of great shops and restaurants that come alive after sunset.

The island is popular for tourists who love a beach holiday and families who want to spend some time together. Party animals usually choose Playa del Inglés, while families opt for Puerto Rico.

What you can expect to experience on Gran Canaria:

  1. You’ll enjoy the best nightlife ever and it’s the perfect island for party people
  2. The most outstanding beaches of all islands. Yes, including those on Tenerife as well
  3. Swim with the dolphins and go Scuba diving
  4. Enjoy the Hiking trails that are all over the island


Fuerteventura: The Windy Island

Fuerteventura is a synonym for beach parties and watersports. This island has some of the most beautiful beaches in all of the islands. Additionally, it offers water sports of great quality so surfers and boat riders find this place ideal for a getaway. For those that enjoy waterslides, Baku waterpark is a great place. Like its island counterparts, it also hosts great nightlife.  

The long sandy beaches and pristine waters make this island the perfect destination for adventure seekers and people who want to stay away from tourists. If you want to enjoy the many water sports, we suggest you pick either Costa Calma or Corralejo.

Fuerteventura Island is the perfect quiet Getaway :

  1. Perfect for a relaxing and peaceful holiday as not many tourists visit it.
  2. Ideal for solo travelers who want to explore the island on a road trip.
  3. The uncrowded beaches and amazing winds make this island perfect for windsurfing.
  4. Try out a Jeep Safari tour or Buggy ride.


Lanzarote: The Island of Eternal Spring

Lanzarote is another island for nature enthusiasts. This island has surfaces reminiscent of the moon and volcanoes and mountains on end. Geologists and volcanologists would find this place very interesting but it might not cater to the younger folks. The infrastructure of the island as a whole is also a bit dated so it might be the traditional exotic getaway that most people might envision.

The island is not severely populated so it is ideal for everyone who wants to escape crowds. If you are looking for a laidback holiday where you’ll enjoy the scenery, Lanzarote should be your pick. Playa Blanca and Puerto del Carmen are popular destinations for travelers.

Lanzarote is one of the most popular islands:

  1. Not too populated and visited as the first two islands on this list.
  2. You’ll fall in love with the volcanic scenery and landscape.
  3. A perfect destination for adventure junkies who enjoy hiking, surfing, and cycling.


La Palma: La Isla Bonita

La Palma is one of the smaller Canary islands alongside La Gomera and El Hierro. It offers a spectacular array of beaches, mountainous islands and is perfect for long treks and diving. The crystal-clear waters and breathtaking hiking trails make this island the perfect destination for people who are looking for a destination off the beaten track. This is not an ideal destination for party people or families looking for resorts. 

La Palma has some of the Best Hiking in the islands:

  1. Experience the true Canarian culture in La Palma’s old towns.
  2. Explore the many hiking trails which offer breathtaking views.
  3. Join one of the Festivals with free food and music, there are several per year.
  4. Visit Roque de los Muchachos Observatory which sits on the rim of the Taburiente National Park . It is especially spectacular at night, when you can literaly see over a milion stars.


La Gomera: The island of legend

La Gomera is situated to the west between the Islands of la Palma and El Hierro and is the second smallest of the Canary Islands. It sits between the islands of La La Palma and El Hierro. This island has a lot of varity to offer but you will need a car to get around. Beaches, hiking trails, quaint villages and the national park make up this unique landscape. There is a small airport, and ferry access between the islands.

What you can find on La Gomera:

  1. Experience the beauty of Garajonay National Park.
  2. Enjoy a day at the coastal town of Valle Gran Rey and it’s black sandy beaches.
  3. Walk out over the cliff in a glass enclosure in Mirador de Abrante and see the most spectacular views, then take in a meal in the restaurant afterwards.
  4. Learn Silbo, the ‘whistling’ language of La Gomera.


Overall, if you are taking a family then you should definitely check out Tenerife, but if you are a couple then Gran Canaria would be a great place for a getaway. Other than that, it depends on what kind of holiday you’re looking for. The Canary Islands really do offer something for everyone, even for the picky travelers.